Recover an Accidentally Deleted Post on Blogger

While it may take hours to write a lengthy and well thought out blog post, you never know when you accidentally hit the delete button while saving or modifying your work -- And Poof!, all your previous work is gone.

You my have lost a post that was in draft or a previously published one. Fortunately, in both cases you can still recover or retrieve the post that was deleted unintentionally. There are several ways to do so:

Recovering a Post in draft / Unpublished:

If your post was in draft and got deleted, you need to find its URL:
  • Depending on your browser, navigate to the your browser history and start looking for the link to the draft post.

Once you've found, you are most likely to retrieve it.

Recovering a published post:

If your post was published earlier, you have two places to look for:

    1. Search Engine Cache:

All popular search engines maintain the cache of indexed pages. To access the cache of your blog, enter the following and click the cache button right next to the results.
For example:

    2. Blog Feeds:

If your blog publishes feeds, subscribe to your own feeds using Google Reader ( or any other similar feed readers and recover your post.

Good Luck!
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  1. Thanks for giving out the solution... i tend to do this by mistake a lot of times....

  2. In my history, I found my url from last night's draft (now deleted). But when I click on it I am taken to a list of current drafts instead. Is all lost and hopeless?

    Please help!! This post was never published.

    1. The URL that you are accessing is probably of the posts list page on your dashboard. Does the URL have #allposts, #draftposts or #publishedpost in the end?

      If yes, then you need to find the URL of the post itself. It should be somewhat like:;postID=8656631449439598378

      Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for helped me out of my misery lol..oh and Merry Christmas

  4. Thanks for this post... It really helped me to recover my date...

  5. Thanks so much, I did get the cache to load and copied it into my blog as a new post, but the URL had changed so the links I had already done did not work anymore so I had to submit more links- very awkward.

  6. I found my accidentally deleted post, but now what? How do I bring it back into my blog? Sorry if I'm being dense. I'm not too computer savy. At the top, the wording seems to imply that I want to find a term on the snapshot, but not how to bring it back into my published posts, which is what I want to do. Do I copy and paste into a "new post" and then hit publish (which will confuse my readers)? Thank you! Darnell

    1. Thanks for commenting. It really depends on how you've managed to recover it.
      If you found it from your browser history and is still in draft, hitting the publish should be enough. The URL should remain the same.

      In the other case, Yes, you will have to create a new post and paste it there.

    2. Also, if you know the previous URL of the post that was deleted, you can simply redirect it to the new URL using the Redirect Option in you blogger dashboard [ Settings › Search preferences › Custom Redirects ].

  7. I found out how to find the post ID and recover on a different site. Thank you.