How to Remove or Disable Lightbox Image view from Blogger

Blogger has officially announced that the lightbox image view has been implemented on all blogger blogs. When you click an image it opens up with a large transparent black frame around it, exactly the same way photos are displayed on your Google+ account when clicked.

While for some, this feature is an awesome improvement to how pictures are displayed, but for most bloggers users, this addition has caused problems. The blogger help forum is filled with complains by blogger users, demanding that this feature must be removed and others who see it as a bug in the blogger template.

Unfortunately blogger did not offer it as an opt-in feature. The problem with this addition is that images on a blog post don’t show up enlarged when clicked, as the way they showed up before the changes were made by blogger.

Until blogger address this issue, here is a work around by Mark from EnglishJavaDrinker that removes the lightbox affect.

To implement the code, simply head to:

Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML and find the </head> tag.

Now copy the code below and paste it right before </head>

<script type="text/javascript">
function killLightbox() {
  var images = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
  for (var i = 0 ; i < images.length ; ++i) {
    images[i].parentNode.innerHTML = images[i].parentNode.innerHTML;
if (document.addEventListener) {
} else {

Update: You can now simply head over to blogger settings and disable the lightbox option.

The option is available under Settings -- Posts and Comments -- Showcase images with Lightbox

All Credit: EnglishJavaDrinker


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How To Add a Subscribe Option to your Facebook Profile

icon_facebookFacebook has added an option to let people "subscribe" to your profile just like the way they follow you on Twitter. Whenever you post an update on your wall with the privacy option set as “Public”, it will appear in the "News Feed" section of your subscribers.

The Subscribe button that sits on the top right side of a profile and wall page lets you hear from interesting people you're not friends with—like journalists, artists and political figures. Subscribers can choose what type of updates they want to see in their News Feeds. This includes: All updates, Most updates and Important Updates. There are further options to select the types of updates that should be posted to a News Feed. These can be live events, status updates, games, photos and videos.


How To Enable the Subscribe Button on your Facebook Profile

To add the subscribe button to Facebook and start getting subscribers, go to the Subscriptions tab on the left-hand side of your profile. Or, visit this subscription page and click Allow Subscribers. There on you can select whether you want subscribers to comment on your updates or get notified about new subscribers. You're done!

However "Subscribe" is an opt-in feature. The only people who allow subscribers will have a Subscribe button on their profile. If you don't see the button, you can't subscribe.

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Find Flight Related Information Easily With Google Flight Search

Google has added a new search feature that will help you sort through flight information and fares. Compare flights, dates, destinations, and fares in an instant.

The search feature is available initially to a select group of U.S cities and displays results for economy class round-trip flights only. Whether you are looking for the cheapest flight to a particular city or a non stop flight, Flight Search can help you quickly find the best option for your trip.

Flight search results can be filtered out in several ways: dates, price, duration, number of stops, airlines, connections, outbound time and return time etc.


The map itself can be used to find several bits of information:
  1. View flight options for a city by clicking that city on the map.

  2. Click on an airport marker to see nearby airports with their lowest price flight, and check off the boxes for the airports to include in your flight search.

  3. Zoom in on the map to see more airports in a particular area.
    Once you select a departure city, hover over any cities on the map with your mouse to compare prices on flights to those destinations.

  4. Drag and drop the markers to adjust the origin and destination of your trip, and then explore various travel options based on different locations.

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Offline Google Mail App for Chrome Lets you Use your Gmail Offline

gmail-offlineGmail users previously were able to backup their emails offline using Gears, a Google plugin allowing web apps to run offline. But recently in May, Google announced that it shifted focus to HTML5 and stopped the development of Google Gears. As a result, those users who installed the versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome released after May could no longer backup their Gmail account using Gears.

The good news is that Google has brought back the ability for Gmail users to access their emails even when they are not connected to the internet.

The functionality can be achieved by installing “Offline Google Mail”, a new chrome web-app based on HTML5 that updates in the background while you’re online.

Incase the internet is not available, simply open a new tab in chrome and launch the app. From there you can compose, read, search and archive emails. Offline Google Mail will automatically sync the changes once internet connectivity is available.


The streamlined user interface, based on Gmail’s popular tablet interface, provides an extremely fast response time with a pure, email focused experience.

Install - Offline Google Mail

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