The Best Free Windows Programs

softwareThere are loads and loads of free software for windows out there, and while many of them are extremely useful and absolutely free, there are others that may have you running for a virus or spyware scan. The problem, of course, is searching for the safest and the most productive free programs.

The team at MakeUseOf has gathered, sorted and organized the best free windows program that you should consider installing for greater productivity and to give your computer a better chance of avoiding, viruses and spyware.


The list is divided into 21 categories and includes the best 117 windows programs for all your needs. They have covered every thing from malware/spyware removal tools to the best file recovery programs, CD/DVD tools, download tools, productivity software, file/drivers and much more.

While the list has many programs that we regularly use, there are definitely other that are worth giving the try.

The best of: Windows Software. [MakeUseOf]

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