Easily Organize Files on your PC with DropIt

dropitInternet downloads, photos transferred from your digital camera and the documents you create on daily basis get scattered on your desktop and across irrelevant folders on your drive if you don’t usually save it the right folders, the first time you download or create it.

If you are planning to sort your computer files on the next available free time; try DropIt, a free windows only program to quickly move computer files to the folders of your choice. It can eliminate much of the hard work of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around.

DropIt creates an icon on your desktop and any files that you drag and drop in that icon will be sent to the folder you have defined for that particular file type.

For example you can configure DropIt for all image files (jpg, png, gif, bmp) to go to My Pictures folder and all document files (docx, pdf, txt) to be moved to My Documents etc


You can configure DropIt to do various actions to your files and folders, based on file name or file type rules. Not just Move, it also allows you to Copy, Compress, Extract, Open With, Delete and Exclude dropped items.

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