Protect Confidential files before syncing them on Dropbox

dropboxIf you are thinking of protecting some of your highly confidential documents before sending them across multiple systems using the popular Dropbox service, SecretSync is an app just for that. It adds a client side encryption and protection for Dropbox files.

The first time you install Secret Sync, you’ll need to create an account to get an encryption key. You can also enter the optional passphrase for added protection.


SecretSync, when installed, creates a special folder, separate from Dropbox, where you can put all confidential files that you want encrypted before being sent to Dropbox. It will encrypt everything in that folder with 256-bit AES encryption, using a key to which only you have access. Files are then decrypted on the other computers on which you have SecretSync installed. Importantly, the files cannot be accessed from the Dropbox web interface and cannot be decrypted by anyone.

Dropbox already provides a server side encryption but the lack of client side encryption is where this app comes in. SecretSync is currently available for windows users only.

Download SecretSync

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