The Best Resources Online For News Pictures

news-mainA collection of some of the best resources online for “News In Pictures”. These include popular news photo website, blogs and online magazines.

Boston Big Picture - Provides some of the most breathtaking images that give a well grounded view of the cultural, religious and other news events taking place all over the world. The images are pulled off from AP, AFP, Getty Images, Reuters and other popular wires.


Wall Street Journal - The photo blog of The Wall Street Journal includes a collection of 10-15 photos narrating the stories making news world-wide. These include some of the most stunning images from AFP, Reuters, Getty Images, AP and other popular networks.


Time Photo Essays - Each photo essay comprises a number of interesting images that give a comprehensive overview of the topic involved. The photo essays are related to news events from the current issue of the Time Magazine.


MSNBC: The week in pictures – Selects from the best work of photojournalists during the week and forms a collection of images narrating the story behind the week’s events. It also maintains an archive of the photos collected from Dec 2005.


BBC: In Pictures – The In Pictures page highlights the daily events from around the world using high-resolution images sourced from Getty Images, AP, AFP, Reuters and independent photographers. It also includes slideshows, photo galleries and allows users to submit photos based on the week’s topic.


The New York Times - The photos and multimedia page of the New York Times features an extensive collection of news photos, slideshows and audio/visual content to cover important news stories. It often covers very unique subjects where stunning photographs are paired with audio to give the viewer a detailed depiction of the subject covered.

The photo blog of The New York Times presents the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting. It also highlights some of the best work of other newspapers, magazines and news and picture agencies.


Reuters - Popular wired news agency Reuters uses slide shows for covering news events and activities of major world importance.

Check out a slide show of the award winning photos by Reuters photojournalists.


Life Magazine – It has one of the largest and most amazing collection of professional photography on the Web. A set of high-resolution photos on it’s news page tell the story behind the day’s events. adds over 3000 photos daily to its collections and has a big gallery of the best news photos collected overtime.


Yahoo Photos - This is part of the Yahoo News website and has a very vast collection of photos sourced from the major news photo agencies. The photos are categorized as most viewed, most emailed, top stories, business, entertainment, sports, technology, politics, science, health, world, US news, odd photos and travel slideshows.


The Telegraph - The news in pictures page of The Telegraph has a selection of photographs from Britain and around the world. It covers a variety of topics from politics and current events to celebrity and royalty. A set of photos under each title provide an overview of the related story.

the-telegraph – This is part of the News Digital Media's network. Provides amazing pictures and galleries of entertainment, technology, travel, business, money and latest news topics from around the globe.


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